Our Pre-Employment medical examination provides a baseline health assessment for a worker before they enter a role with an employer. The examination assists with risk management and identifies whether a worker is medically suitable in the role in which they are applying

The physician and doctors of Bcerta, design task-specific Functional Assessments for pre-employment medicals and return to work rehabilitation programs to suit each individual position within your company.

At Bcerta Australia we pride ourselves on providing quality service from highly skilled professionals, whilst working closely with companies to create a tailormade industry specific package.

What will be assessed and to expect at your Pre-Employment medical appointment?

  • Height

  • Weight

  • BMI Body Mass Index

  • Blood Pressure

  • Vision Test / Colour vision test

  • Urinalysis

  • Spirometry Test

  • Audiogram / Hearing test

  • Doctor to review medical history questionnaire

  •     Doctor review:


            Prepheral vision


            Nervous System

            Basic Musculo-Skeletal system

            Cardiovascular System Examination

            Respiratory Function Examination

  • Drug & Alcohol Screen (If requested with medical)

Many industries require Specialised Medicals tailored to suit the specific needs of unique environments such as rail, aviation and marine. Our Physician, Doctors and medical staff undergo special training allowing them to administer these types of medicals including:


  • Aviation (Dame) Medicals

  • Emergency Response Medical Assessments

  • Railway Medicals Catogory1, 2, 3 

  • Overseas Health Medicals

  • Oil & Gas Medicals

  • Offshore Medicals

  • Maritime Medicals

  • Commercial Drivers Medicals / Truck Save Medicals

  • HUET Medicals

  • Coal Mine Workers Health Scheme QLD (previous known as Coal Board medical) 

  • Health Surveillance Medicals