Bcerta Australia offers the following injury prevention services:

• Ergonomic Assessments
• Manual Handling Training and Assessments
• Functional Capacity Evaluations
• Job Profile/Job Task Analysis
• Worksite Assessments
• Activities of Daily Living/Home Assessments


Our experienced team of allied health professionals are ready to assist you manage your organisations workplace health and safety with a view to reducing the incidence of workplace injuries.

Our highly qualified health professionals can give you advice on ways to protect your business and workforce. We understand that all workplaces are unique and offer tailored preventative training to your individual business  and staff needs.

Let us minimise the risk of injury in your workplace and take care of your return to work and injury management needs

Bcerta offers solutions to workplace ergonomics with an approach to tackle the increasing health issues of today’s workforce.  Incorrect ergonimics can potentially leave significant negative impacts on a business' productivity.  


An Ergonomic Assessment may involve recommendations to improve symptom management strategies, equipment modification/s or the utilisation of aids or other ergonimic equipment. 

Our dedicated health professionals deliver a service to your staff in their workplace.

Bcerta will provide the outcomes you desire on many levels, in particular, the promotion of preventative healthy work practices.

Employers choose us because we:-

  • We strive to ensure Fast Rehabilitation

  • Our objective is to Increase Productivity

  • Our focus is on Injury Prevention

  • We aim to Decrease Liability

So, why choose us?   Because you deserve the best!!

Minimise the risk of injury in your workplace!