Getting back to work after an injury can be good for your health and wellbeing.  We believe the earlier you start planning your return to work, the better your changes to recover and return to work sooner.

Bcerta can assist you through your return to work process with our Occupational Health and Rehabilitation professionals who will provide expert care and advice during the process to assist you on your road to recovery.

At Bcerta we strive to get you back to work sooner because we know that being off work for a long period of time can have a negative impact on you and your family, and can reduce the likelihood of you ever returning to work.

Statistics show that if a person is off work for:

  • 20 days - 70% chance of returning to work

  • 45 days - 50% chance of returning to work

  • 70 days - 35% chance of returning to work

Recovering at work can significantly improve the outcome for an injured worker.

Bcerta offers solutions to workplace ergonomics with an approach to tackle the increasing health issues of today’s workforce.  Incorrect ergonimics can potentially leave significant negative impacts on a your productivity.  


An Ergonomic Assessment may involve recommendations to improve your workspace and our dedicated health professionals will deliver a service to you in your workplace.

Bcerta will provide the outcomes you desire on many levels, in particular, the promotion of preventative healthy work practices.

If you are an injured worker, we will tailor and deliver a customised and individualised return to work program to meet your expectations and goals.

We regularly communicate with all parties during the return to work process and undertake periodic reviews and re-set goals if and where required. We have a team of dedicated health professionals willing and ready to assist you.

Recover and Return to Work Sooner!