The rapid rehabilitation at Bcerta focuses on the therapy to return injured workers to an appropriate level of work activity for the employee and employer. 


Bcerta focus on 3 main areas in the rapid rehab program:

  • Occupational Rehabilitation

  • Physical therapy 

  • Mental rehabilitation




Bcerta Rehabilitation team has been working with injured workers since 2015, providing rehabilitation programs for WorkCover Qld, Australia Post, Woolworths and individual employers.

We recognise that each injured worker has individual needs and requirements, and it is on this basis that we provide a variety of programs, with flexibility within these services, to meet these needs. Bcerta Rehabilitation Team offers functionally orientated, multi-disciplinary rehabilitation which can be directly integrated into a graduated supervised work trial.


Disciplines involved include: 

  • Occupation Health Medicine

  • Ergonomics

  • Physical exercise therapy

  • Psychological management strategies

Bcerta Rapid Rehabilitation Doctors


Dr John McIntosh is the Appointed Medical Advisor (AMA) at Bcerta Australia for many companies in the Bowen Basin and Mackay. His main areas of interest are Occupational Health including Workplace Rehabilitation, Risk Management, Cancer and Skin Clinic and Workplace Mental Health. Dr John is one of the doctor that developed Bcerta's Rapid Rehabilitation program.

Dr Ali Baghadam is an Examining Medical Officer for many Coal mines and companies in Queensland the Bowen Basin and Mackay.

Dr Ali enjoys working with injured works implementing Bcerta's rapid Rehabilitation program to return all injured employees back to work with the best health for the Employee, Employer and WorkCover.

Assoc. Prof. Dr John Schneider: Consultant Occupational Physician with an evidence-based approach. Special interests: Corporate occupational health risk management consulting, Occupational health and safety service provider, Occupational rehabilitation using a biopsychosocial model, Ergonomics, Work in hot environments, OHS in rural and remote environments, Work overseas, Fitness for work including workplace cognitive assessment, Occupational health training, International postgraduate education and assessment in occupational medicine.



Bcerta will provide the outcomes you desire on many levels, in particular, the promotion of preventative healthy work practices.

If you are an injured worker, we will tailor and deliver a customised and individualised return to work program to meet your expectations and goals.

We regularly communicate with all parties during the return to work process and undertake periodic reviews and re-set goals if and where required. We have a team of dedicated health professionals willing and ready to assist you.

Employers choose us because we: -

  • We strive to ensure Fast Rehabilitation

  • Our objective is to Increase Productivity

  • Our focus is on Injury Prevention

  • We aim to Decrease Liability