Employers often seek the right to randomly test employees in an attempt to reduce the occurence of alcohol and drug affected employees in the workplace, as part of the companies occupational health and safety policy. With around 15 per cent of workplace injuries worldwide attributable to drug and alcohol use, drug testing and alcohol testing is part of a robust workplace drug and alcohol management program, and is a must for all Australian businesses.

Bcerta Australia's staff are fully trained to all relevant Australian & New Zealand Standards and have national accreditation with drug and alcohol testing.

Registered Medical Review Officer (MRO), is a licensed physician(M.D.) with training in Substance abuse. Using a MRO helps to protect both the employer and the employees. Although a MRO is not always required, they are an important part of an effective drug testing program system.  

What to expect at your Drug & Alcohol test appointment and what to bring with you?

  • You will need to provide a Urine or Saliva sample

  • The Drug Tester will check the temperature and for any alteration on the sample you provide

             Creatinine, Nitrites, Bleach, pH and Specific Gravity.

  • The test takes between 5-10 minute to complete

  • A copy of your drug & alcohol test report will be provided to you and to your employer

  • Please bring photo identification with you

              Driver licence


              +18 card         

Bcerta Occupational Health & Sports medicine are able to provide all your Companies Drug & Alcohol policy and procedure needs. 

  • Urine testing cup for 6 drugs:

      THC / COC / AMP / METH / OPI / BZO

  • Saliva Test or 6 drugs:

      THC / COC / AMP / METH / OPI / BZO     

  • MRO services

  • Onsite Drug & Alcohol Testing 

  • Alcolizer Breathalyser

The Urine Testing Cup Bcerta use is commonly used by laboratories, government agencies and corporations across Australia. It has been at the forefront of urine testing in Australia and the US for many years. It guarantees results in one to two minutes and is accurate and verified to the Australian Standard AS 4308:2008.

The Saliva Test is renowned for its ease of application, accuracy and quick results (less than five minutes).

Less invasive than urine testing, the Saliva Test is verified to Australian Standard AS 4308:2008.