COAL Mine Workers Health Scheme

(Previous known as Coal Board Medical)

The Coal Mine Workers Health Scheme(CMSHR1- Health assessment Form)  is the standard medical assessment the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy(DNRME) require all new and currently Coal Mine workers to complete

At Bcerta Occupational Health and Sports medicine, we specialise in Coal mine workers health Scheme assessments  and comprehensive medical assessment. The DNRME requires all coal mine workers to complete a Coal Mine Workers' Health Scheme at least once every five years.


Chest X-Rays (ILO Classification)

The International Labour Organisation(ILO) requires Coal mine workers to undergo a chest x-ray for pneumoconioses (Black Lung). Underground and surface miners will need to complete a Chest X-ray every 5 years. Most Employers will request a new chest X-ray for potential employee's. Lungscreen in Australia provide the ILO B-read report.


What will be assessed and to expect at your Coal mine workers health scheme assessment appointment?


  • Vision Test / Colour vision test

  • Urinalysis

  • Spirometry Test

  • Audiogram / Hearing test

  • Chest X-ray (ILO Standard)

  • Cardiovascular System Examination

  • Respiratory Function Examination

  • musculoskeletal system Examination

  • Skin Examination 

  • Drug & Alcohol Screen (If requested with medical)

  • Medical History Questionnaire


Frequently Asked Questions

Who will get a copy of the Coal mine workers health Scheme Assessment Results?

The appointed medical advisor needs to provide a copy of section 4 to (a) the worker at the address shown on page 6 of the coal mine workers health scheme assessment (address or Email); and also to (b) the employer.


How long does a Coal mine workers health Scheme Assessment take?

The Coal mine workers health scheme normally takes between 1-1.30 hours to complete.


Do I need to do a drug & alcohol test with my Coal Coal mine workers health Scheme Assessment?

No. The Coal mine workers health scheme does not include a Drug and Alcohol screen. Your potential employer will sometimes request a Drug & Alcohol screen with your appointment. The appointed medical advisor will not review the drug and alcohol screen results with the Coal mine workers health scheme.


What do I need to bring to my Coal Coal mine workers health Scheme Assessment Appointment?

You must bring photo identification, medical history, hearing aids, contact lenses and or glasses 

You will also be required to complete your medical history and previous work history questionnaire