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We provide Australian and International Athletes with

- Performance advice and injury management
- Education on behalf of Sports Medicine 
  Australia (SMA) & AFL



Our Occupational Doctors help individuals with illness and/or injury resume work duties on a gradual basis through transitional work. Transitional work uses the actual work tasks and environments as a form of rehabilitation.



At Bcerta Australia our Sports Medicine Doctor is committed to providing excellence in the field of Sport and Exercise Medicine at the highest possible professional standard irrespective of how big or small the problem or injury may be.


Cortisone injections may help relieve pain and inflammation in a specific area of your body.


The use of platelet rich plasma (PRP), a portion of the patient's own blood having a platelet concentration above baseline, is a technique used to promote healing of injured tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joints and can be applied to various musculoskeletal problems.

ORTHOKINE - Your body’s own help for Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a symptom of age, they said. You should accept it, they said.

At an age beyond 60 every second person complains of painful joints. Even young persons may suffer from Osteoarthritis. Mostly hips and knees are affected. Osteoarthritis has many causes. Factors such as genetic predisposition, overweight and intensive load at work or sports play a significant role. Pain and reduced joint mobility are the most common symptoms.



Our onsite Physiotherapist treats injured workers, as appropriate to the nature of their injury, at varying stages throughout the span of the RTW process by utlising techniques including:-

  • ​Manual therapy, which uses the massage and manipulation of the body's soft tissues to relieve pain and promote healing

  • Preparing the body before orthopaedic surgery and rehabilitation after surgery

  • General strength training

  • Rehabilitation after a bone fracture

  • Rehabilitation after a back or neck injury

  • ​Rehabilitation after a sports injury

  • ​Comprehensive musculoskeletal evaluation to determine the cause of and best treatment for acute or chronic pain


You are able to see the diabetes educator for support and high level advice on treating and managing one of the fastest growing chronic illness. The Diabetes educator works closely with medical practitioners and helps clients everyday to take control of their diabetes.  

Bcerta's diabetes educator has helped many clients

  • Improve blood sugar levels

  • Improve insulin sensitivity

  • Decrease insulin resistance

  • Decrease insulin requirement

  • Improve lipid profiles

  • Reduce and eliminate medications

  • Prevent type 2 diabetes

  • Prevent Pre-diabetes